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Opening up to Anna came easily thanks to her friendly, honest and warm approach.  I'm so impressed we were able to have such open and insightful conversations... I have taken steps towards a different and more fulfilling career and my dream of doing something different in my working life is now becoming a reality. Her coaching has given me confidence, propelled me forwards and inspired me greatly.” 



My approach

With the pace of life increasing in speed, it’s no wonder we’re over stimulated, over worked and distracted. All too often we operate on auto pilot, doing what’s needed to just get through the day.


I believe we deserve more than that.


I want people to feel excited and fulfilled by life. To have clarity in what they want and where they’re going. To recognise their strengths and have confidence in their convictions.


I am here to champion and compassionately challenge you. To expand your thinking, shift your mindset and empower you to move forward in a way that works for you. And the key to this is enjoying the process – I am a firm believer that we are more receptive to change and transition if we are having fun!


Aside from my academic accreditations in psychology, sociology and coaching, I also draw from my experience working with people from all walks of life in my fourteen year career in consumer research. I tailor my coaching practice to the needs of each client as an individual, using an integrated approach – combining coaching and psychology theories, models and tools that are evidenced based and best serve you in your day to day life.


There are no short cuts or quick fixes. To make lasting shifts in mindset, habits and behaviours you need to give effort and time, but the results are worth it! I typically work with clients over a 3-6 month period, asking for a minimum of 6 coaching sessions where we meet or speak every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes there will be homework assignments, other times not – it is all dependent on what would best serve you.


  • BA (Hons) : Social Sciences – Electives Psychology & Sociology

  • Post Graduate Diploma : Psychology

  • Member of the British Psychological Society

  • Co-Active Training Institute : Coaching Training Program

  • 14 + Years Consumer Insight & Strategy, working for global brands such as MTV, eBay, Lacoste, Unilever, General Mills 

1to1 Coaching

Gain clarity on what you REALLY want, identify and challenge beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that aren't serving you, so you can successfully move forward.

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